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Time To Learn, No Time For Waste

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

By Dominique Tudor - Prosource Environmental Ambassador

“Together we are stronger, joint effort for common goals. Every citizen can make a difference by taking actions, at local level, that will benefit the whole community. If we put together our efforts and we commit to do our share to improve waste management, we will keep our environment clean and our ecosystems healthier. What can I do? For instance, pick up a piece of litter lying around every day and dispose of it properly or participate in community activities and organize a clean-up. Saving the world starts at home and in your neighbourhood!”

Excerpt taken from the 'Awareness Toolkit: My Waste, Our Wealth (UN-Habitat, 2019)'


One time I was organizing a clean-up within the coastal community of Silver Sands, near what used to be Douglas mini mart, and I heard this big bellowing voice shouting these words and coming at me.

“But wait, he meaning me?” went the voice in my head.

I started to question myself, because all I was doing was putting a garbage skip “down on the people land” for a clean up, I thought I was doing something ‘nice’ and so I responded arrogantly, with my bombastic self.

“Good morning Sir, Manners and Respect, how can I help you?” I spoke with annoyance. That day, I learnt the meaning of “Nothing for ME, Without ME”. I bit my tongue through a good bajan poetic rant of expletives, as he explained to me that I should have told him first what I was planning, where, when and why, and spent time learning what his community challenges were. He was right, I was wrong. Real wrong.

I can also relate this lesson to what the mentors in my life have echoed. “Cat luck ain't dog luck.” This means that because something works for one person, doesn’t mean it will work for another. It’s OK to TRY and FAIL. Stop, Listen, Watch and Learn. Respect and Include ALL. Organize and Centralize, Come as ONE.

This encounter was one of many life lessons, and this new knowledge added to the guiding principles that helped me throughout the evolution of the environmental social enterprise, Eco Rebel. My determination to become an environmental change leader was driven by the support and encouragement from people in communities across Barbados. My choice to be a part of the solution has guided me towards my current partnership with the Caribbean Waste Management Specialists, Prosource Ltd. I’m thrilled to be representing the Prosource team as Environmental Ambassador.

It is now more clear than ever that the sustainable development goals that we need to achieve in the Caribbean, require partnerships with all sectors of our society!

We can all be a part of the solution not the pollution!

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Eco Rebel Barbados
Eco Rebel Barbados
Sep 17, 2021

We truly believe that we can all come together and be a part of the solution, not part of the pollution !!🍀


Eco Rebel Barbados
Eco Rebel Barbados
Sep 16, 2021


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