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By Dominique Tudor - Prosource Environmental Ambassador

It’s a time of celebration across the world and stores are packed with consumers rushing for presents, goods and services to celebrate the holidays with family and friends.

It might seem ludicrous to suggest that we should choose to refuse anything right now, to help reduce waste. Especially since waste is built into modern culture.

So how can we choose to refuse the burden of single use?

Single-Use Plastic Products (SUPPs) constitute approximately half of global plastic waste generation, as goods or packaging that is consumed in large volumes and frequently littered.

SUPPs are typically used only once before being disposed of as waste.

The price of ‘throw away culture’ is the threat to environmental and human health. The damage is caused through the production, distribution, and litter of these single-use products. Even the most “sustainable” product consumes resources and has a questionable after-life.

It’s Not Your Fault and You Alone Can’t Fix It! Everyone is a consumer but taking steps to consume wisely is important.

This festive season I’m not planning on refusing any food, drinks, swimsuits, bicycle accessories or travel vouchers! They’re my holiday essential purchases, without compromise. I’m confident that my indulgences for the holidays aren’t going to overwhelm the world nor will it save us from an environmental crisis (Although biking is a great way to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, it’s impractical to think it can be used to fulfil worldwide human transport needs).

Another News Flash: Your “biodegradable corn cup” isn’t the solution to the climate crisis either!

It’s just a more expensive version of litter that exacerbates the challenge (Most compostable alternatives can’t be mixed with plastic recyclables and are not compostable unless processed at an industrial compost facility or at home compost).

The problem isn’t just plastic, but the sheer volume of consumption is overwhelming the Earth’s living systems.”

Effective policy intervention requires a policy mix that covers single-use plastics and their ‘alternatives’ that includes an emphasis on monitoring and enforcement.

Nevertheless, repeated individual actions become societal norms, and empower us to demand that corporations and governments do their part. Challenge yourself to get drastic and refuse to use single-use plastic. Choose a reusable or recyclable product instead.

Challenge yourself for the holidays to get drastic and refuse to use single-use plastic. Choose a reusable or recyclable product instead and guard against garbage. Enjoy the celebrations and have a Happy Holiday!

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