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1. What is the Residential Waste Collection Improvement Project?

The Residential Waste Collection Improvement Project (RWCIP) is a partnership between the Sanitation Service Authority and Prosource Ltd. to transform and improve waste collection in Barbados.

2. Where can I find more information?

Additional information on the Residential Waste Collection Improvement Project can be obtained from the Sanitation Service Authority (SSA) as well as the Prosource Facebook and Instagram.

3. Why is Barbados moving toward this type of collection?

These cart lifters will be operated by SSA workers allowing the new roll-out carts to be collected and tipped into the truck mechanically. This process is less physically exerting on SSA staff members, reduces their exposure to waste resulting in better working conditions. 

4. What size are the roll-out carts?

Each roll-out cart can accommodate up to 65 gallons of general waste. The roll-out carts are 41.3" in height and approximate 26.7" in width. These roll-out carts are larger than most 'blue bins' which are currently being used for garbage disposal in Barbados.

5. How many roll-out carts will each household receive?

Households in Barbados with a residential water meter will receive one 65-gallon roll-out cart and an 18-gallon recycling bin.

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