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Cart and Bin System


Cart sizes are universal and these were chosen based on the average household requirements in Barbados.


From September, distribution will commence throughout the northern communities. Distribution across the remainder of the island will take between six to eight months.


Eligible households will receive both a roll-out cart and a recycling bin.

SSA Home Bin.png


65 gallon

roll-out cart


* Durable attached lid


* Compatible with ANSI certified cart lifters

* Constructed from high-quality stabilised high density poly-ethylene HDPE resin for sturdiness

* Large Wheels for maneuverability

* Two times larger than conventional garbage cans

* Continuous one-piece handle provides strong gripping area designed to provide optimum control of a fully loaded cart

* RFID Tag allows for tracking of carts and effective data collection

* Made with up to 40% recycling material without compromising strength

* UV stabilisers and antioxidants prevent fading and material breakdown

Blue SSA Skip.png


18 gallon

recycling bin


* Designed for  mixed recycling where capacity and easy handling are critical

* Made with durable, washable, 100% recyclable high-density polyethylene (HDPE) resin

* UV stabilisers and antioxidants prevent fading and material breakdown

* Drain holes on the base so recycling bin cannot fill with precipitation

*  Anti-slide bottom 




Threat to public health is mitigated

2   Convenient and easy method for residents to recycle

3  Easier and safer for SSA staff and residents – no carrying/lifting heavy garbage cans

4  Sturdy wheeled carts are easy to maneuver

5  Capacity of carts are equal to three – four large black garbage bags

6   Carts lids keep pets, rodents and pests out of garbage

7  Cleaner, healthier neighbourhoods with no litter on roads after pick-up

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